Deep Tomography (up to a depth of 1000 m)


The borehole source SBS1000 is designed for P-wave tomography between boreholes up to 1000 m depth. The SBS1000 consists of three parts housing the complete high-voltage power supply for charging up to about 3 KV. The source can be connected to a GO-4 cable head and a standard logging unit (4-conductor cable). The unit is powered from surface by means of a 230 VAC power supply.


Generated wave type: P
Signal frequencies: Up to 5 kHz (depending on geology and borehole distance)
Operational depth: Up to 1000 m

Impulse voltage:

3200 V

Power supply at surface:

230 VAC
Source diameter: 70 mm
Total source length: 4.30 m
Source length of each high-voltage tubes: 1.02 m (with 0.53 m connecting hoses)
Borehole diameter: Min. 80 mm
Signal transmission: 4-conductor logging cable
Communication: PCL boards
Cable head: GO-4
Special features: Test trigger, emergency OFF button, power consumption/voltage/communication control, impulse counter



The digital hydrophone string BHC1000 is a fully digitized borehole receiver unit running on 4-conductor logging cable.The BHC1000 consists of max. 24 hydrophones moulded to a multicore cable. A digitization unit is placed on top of the string and can be connected to the standard 4-conductor logging cable. At surface a control unit is connected to the logging winch and directly to laptop.


Downhole Unit
Hydrophone sensor: SQ54
Pre-Amplification: 4x
Operational depth: up to 1000m
Number of hydrophones: 24
Max. pressure: 100 bar
Temperature range: 0-70 °C
Digitizer length: 70 cm
Digitizer diameter: 57 mm
Borehole diameter: Min. 70 mm
Depth indicator: Via logging winch
Signal transmission: 4-conductor cable
Cable head: GO-4
A/D conversion: 24 bit
Sampling frequencies: 250-48000 Hz
Trace length: 65000 samples
Surface Unit
Power: 12 V DC
Weight: 3 kg
Communication: 2 wire RS-485
Downhole electronics: DSP = Blackfin 548,64 MB SDRAM
Trigger: Piezo, switch, TTL
Auxiliary channel: 4