Trigger Tools

Wireless Trigger Unit

The novel wireless trigger unit WTU1 is used to replace trigger cables if e.g. roads or rivers prevent a continuous seismic measurement. The wireless trigger unit WTU1 works with nearly all impulse sources including sledge hammers.
The wireless trigger unit WTU1 consists of two boxes which include the sender and the receiver unit. The sender will be connected to the source and the receiver to the seismograph. The sender and receiver units are placed in small and robust plastic cases which allow an easy operation.



150 x 80 x 50mm

Antenna range:

approx. 18m

Power supply:

9 V


Sledge Hammer | Surface Source

The sledge hammer is used to generate seismic waves (P- or S-waves) at the surface. A piezotrigger element is attached to the hammer. The output piezo signal is transformed to a TTL pulse by a small box to provide an exact time break to the seismograph.

It is a suitable source for shallow downhole surveys up to a depth of 100 m.



Trigger Extension Cable

The trigger extension cable is a very robust cable which is spooled on a cable drum. The length can be specified according to customer requirements.